Bath-Brite – Riverside, San Bernardino Bathtub Refinishing, Reglazing


2153415_xlBath-Brite is in the refinishing business. We refinish porcelain, fiberglass, countertops, ceramic tile, & appliances. We can save the homeowner up to 70% of the cost to tear out and replace.
Example: To replace an ugly, out-of-date bathtub through normal remodeling requires tearing out the tub, tile, floor covering, plumbing, and doorway, sometimes costing up to $3,000.00.

Our Answer:
  We can refinish the same tub, leaving it in place, starting at $275.00.  Hotels and apartment complexes are also highly interested in our services because of the savings and the loss of downtime.  A bathtub can be refinished in as little as 3 hours, and it can be used again the next day.

The refinishing process assures many years of enjoyment without the normal expense of tear-out and replacement. And don’t forget, it’s not just bathtubs: We refinish fiberglass shower enclosures, kitchen countertops and much more. Call Bath-Brite for a free estimate at Toll Free 866-945-7775, 909-945-7775 or fill out our FREE ESTIMATE form. You’ll find that most jobs can be completed in the same day.
About our finish

  • Works on fiberglass, too.
  • REPELS stubborn mold and mildew.
  • Permanently bonds to bathroom fixtures.
  • Bath Brite guaranteed finish won’t crack, peel, fade or discolor.

  • The Porcelaincote finish covers cracks and stains.
  • Your bathroom can be resurfaced in as little as one day.
  • Is ready to use after 24 hours.
  • ANY color is available.

What items can we resurface?

Yes, we will do out-of-town work!  And don’t forget all of our work is guaranteed for 3 years.