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Bath-Brite VS Bathtub Replacement

A replacement bathtub can cost as little as $275, but add the cost of a contractor, demolition, removal, disposal, paying a tile setter and a plumber and the total cost quickly grows to $2000 or more.

Refinishing can restore the useful life of your fixtures for up to 15 years or more. Our finishes are incredibly durable and come in an unlimited number of colors to meet any decorating plan.


$750 – Demolition, removal & disposal
$350 – Cost of replacement tub
$350 – Plumbing
$450 – Tile Setter
$250 – Flooring, carpentry, caulking

$2,150 Total replacement cost

Time without tub: 7-10 days


$275-$550 Refinishing of tub



$275-$550 Total Refinishing Cost

Time without tub: 24 hours

Bathtubs with these problems can be made to look and feel like new again:

  • Worn and discolored tubs

  • Chipped and damaged

  • Impossible to clean

  • Ugly and outdated color