Bath-Brite – Riverside, San Bernardino Bathtub Refinishing, Reglazing, Restoration, Resurfacing

32041282_sSave 70%  refinishing your bathtub, tile, sink or countertop surfaces versus replacement. We can restore your damaged bathroom or kitchen fixtures in less than a day. Countless amounts of bathtubs, showers and tiles for homeowners, hotels, & apartment complexes have been renewed using our quality products and service.

Bathtub Restoration and Resurfacing

Replacing existing bathroom fixtures is time consuming, expensive, and typically the quality is never as good as the original. Thanks to Bath-Brite State-of-the-Art technology, the refinishing/restoration process can be completed in a matter of hours. Why wait weeks and weeks for expensive repairs or replacement? Bath- Brite can reglaze a bathtub, tiles and other fixtures in a matter of hours.

Great Savings…Unbelievable Beauty!

Normally, tub removal and replacement costs average between $1,500 to $3,800! Bath-Brite has made tearing out plumbing, ripping up floors, and damaging walls obsolete. With a savings of nearly 70% over replacement costs, it is hard to believe why anyone would try anything else.